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Am I missing something

This article

OTTAWA (CP) - The Conservatives have won an apology from a cabinet minister for what they characterize as a racial taunt.

Treasury Board President Reg Alcock says he sent a letter of apology to Inky Mark because the Tory MP took his comment Wednesday as a racial slur. Mark, backed by 15 of his colleagues, had earlier said Alcock must resign. Alcock had told The Canadian Press on Wednesday that if he was going to recruit a Tory, he'd pick someone "higher up the gene pool," than Mark.

Mark, a visible minority of Chinese-Canadian heritage, initially shrugged off the insult.

But he reconsidered overnight and now says Alcock demeaned Canada's entire Chinese community

Maybe I'm not getting the whole context of the remark...but I would think that this was an attack on Mark as a person/individual, not as a Chinese-Canadian and a slur on the entire Chinese community.
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9:36 AM

Maybe it's just me being American, but I would consider that a racial...taunt. It's sad but some people do consider minorities as genetically inferior.

Well, it's sad and complete hogwash.    

5:47 PM

Racial taunt - no. Stupid thing to say - yes. Political points scored by recipient of said stupid comment by accusing perpetrator of being racist - immesurable. Send him to the naughty chair!!    

6:59 AM

Here in Inky's riding, I am used to a lot of babble about him. He's not a dumb politician (He was mayor of a small city before going federal) but it did take a couple of days for him to take offence at that remark...makes me wonder about him. publicity is a double-edged sword sometimes. Gonna make people check him out a lot more closely...    

7:53 AM

Oh...I would think that it was inky who made it a racial slur by assuming that he meant "chinese" and not "you're stupid".
Does inky secretly hate his own race?    

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