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Bush and Booze

First of all, TY on you comments on the Inky Mark story. I'm kind of intrigued by the responses that I've been getting with my friends too. It's very interesting how it all comes down to not just perspective, what one has been exposed to.

I guess for me it was just never occured to me that people would actually use the 'lower order of humanity' mentality in real life. I've discovered that it is actually out there.

Regardless, I think there has to be some basic rules for political debate - there's a world of difference between 'you're wrong' and 'you're a dumbass'.

Speaking of Dumbass...

A small plane got a little too close to the white house last week and it was apparantly enough of an big deal to evacuate the building and grounds.

But it wasn't enough of a big deal to interrupt George Dubya on his bike ride, because the feeling was that the president was in no immediately danger, so why bother him.

Because he's the leader! What the hell? I'm sorry, isn't a plane aimed straight at the capital building a threat to national security? Shouldn't the supposed Alpha Male be informed about any threat to national security?

That's a scary statement when they (who probably aren't stupid) decide it's better to let him finish his bmx hour.


I hate this province. I hate it because you cannot buy a bottle of wine after 6 pm on a Sunday.

WHY? What is going to happen if we are allowed to drink after dinner?

What pisses me off is the fact that the bars close here at 2 am. Fine, whatever, I'm usually asleep long before then. HOWEVER, when the Toronto Film Fest is on and the whole world comes to visit, the powers that be decide that the bars can be open an extra hour.

So what our provincial government is saying is that we're not really responsible, except on special occassions. It's like being a kid allowed to stay up an extra hour because company (who clearly CAN handle their liquor after 2am) come over.
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9:33 AM

LOL. We can't buy alcohol BEFORE 1PM. I'm sorry, if I'm not going to church, I need to be drunk for most of Sunday. ;)    

10:24 AM

He was riding a bike? There is a training wheels joke in there somewhere - I'm just too tired right now.

I did see a pic on MSN I think ...of Dubya behind the wheel of a car just this weekend, can't remember who was with him - but he (the passenger) had his hands on the steering wheel like he was teaching GB to drive.

Why is he practicing all these methods of fleeing? Is there something I should know?

When I see the man on a skateboard - I'm friggin moving out of this country.


3:04 PM

OMG you spoiled brat -- here in CT it's illegal for stores to sell alcohol on Sundays AT ALL. That's right. Bars are open of course, but no stores can sell any booze at all. They're such prudes here that I'm amazed we can even buy Robitussin without getting carded. Oy vay.    

4:00 AM

Love the visitor angle thingy. Happens everywhere, because our city was hosting two Rugby World Cup games in our stadium, the local govt health inspectors looked at EVERY restaurant beforehand (for the first time ever) - indicating they didn't care if locals got food poisoning but we had to put our best foot forward for the visitors.    

4:01 AM

And another thing, if you are long in bed by 2am, what possessed you to be walking the dog at that hour a few weeks ago?    

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