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The Vatican

Friday, September 23, 2005
Okay - let me just say from the get-go that I'm going to do a rant about Catholic church. It doesn't mean I'm going to leave it and it doesn't mean that I think there's something wrong or idiotic about being Catholic. (I just had to say that because I've heard far too many 'why are you part of that god-awful church' comments in my life.) The church is like my family. I really get pissed with it, but I ain't going to leave.

Having said that: this is another reason my church sucks.

The Vatican has decided that homosexuals can no longer be priests - EVEN IF THEY ARE CELIBATE.

Wait one moment....what was all this 'love the sinner hate the sin' stuff you've been feeding us for years. What was all this 'homosexuality is a lifestyle choice' nonsense you've been spouting off?

If you say that you are going to exclude someone, not because they engage in homosexual acts, but rather that they have a pre-disposition to having sex with men....then you're saying it's NOT a choice.

Dear pope - if you had any idea what I had a pre-disposition to do, but don't - well you might as well ex-communicate me now.

This pisses me off.

Especially since I've known such wonderful, truly caring priests who I suspect are gay.

So throw out some of the biggests assests to your organization? (Cause, btw, this is move is retro-active. Bye-bye Father Bob!)

The biggest change I'd like to see to the Catholic church is for the men to share the power. Let the chicks take over for awhile and you can sit at the back of the buss for the next, say...2,000 years.

New Orleans.
As promised here are my thoughts on New Orleans.

Originally, I was going to do the 'Why the hell are all the stranded people black?' rant. Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, that rant has been expressed a million times over in the media.

As my husband said as we watched all those left behind, 'Aren't there any white people in New Orleans?'

I totally agree with Kayne West: George Bush does not care about black people.

Now, I could argue that it isn't black people, but rather poor people he doesn't care about. But the fact that it seems, at least in N.O., that 90% of the poor people are black - there just has to be some established racism behind it.

I just need at some point, some politician - or even - gasp- Dubya himself, should say, 'Wait, why are so many poor people black? Is there something wrong with the distribution of wealth in this country?'

That's the smallest amount it would take for me to have my faith restored. Acknowledge the G.D. problem!

Inaction can be just as racist as action.

Cause honestly, if you don't acknowledge that there's a problem with American economics - I can only conclude the worse. That you honestly believe everyone has equal opportunities and that black people just don't have whatever it takes to get ahead.

I always feel odd critizing the U.S., espcially as a Canadian (becuase it's national pasttime here). However, the thing is, I just see that the politicians in charge are destroying all the ideals that make the U.S. great. It IS supposed to be the land where anyone can become president.

Not just the sons of wealthy families.


Monday, September 19, 2005
I've been requested to stop ignoring my Larry Tan Fan blog.

It's not that I have nothing to rant about, it's just that I think if I started, I would never stop. But here goes anyway.

My biggest issue right now is the toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom.

I was not the last person to use it. I was not even the person who got down to the last pathetic sheet clinging to the roll, who decided to use HALF the fucking sheet so that the roll was technically NOT empty.

I was there person who got screwed over saturday night when she sat down and 'Ooops! Too late.' and had to look in the garbage for some tissue that was used to wipe makeup off that could be recycled. I was the person with lipstick on her ass after I found that tissue.

Now I am the person with a toilet roll in the pocket of her housecoat - so that when her own supply runs out, she has no one to blame but herself, but can also take appropriate restocking action.

So - no paper in the upstair bathroom - day 3.

My sister is 57 btw. She acts like she's a fucking 14 year old

Case in point...Saturday night I asked her to take soem of her clutter from the living room up to her room.


I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo want her out of my house.

Whew - okay - so it wasnt' the political rant I wanted to do - but it was a great warm up for future Larry Tan Rants.

Thanks Ailsa for kicking me in my lipstick covered ass.

Tommorow : George Bush does NOT care about black people.